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Professional Services

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At Supportive Solutions we aim to provide comprehensive support.

Here are our additional services:

  1. Consulting Services:

    • Our expert consultant, Shalyn collaborates with practitioners and groups on navigating private practice. Services include the transition from individual practice to a group and 1099 vs. W2 practices.

    • Shalyn also offers consultations that enhance documentation practices. Services include internal documentation audits, group documentation training, and prescriber documentation training. 

  2. Billing and Enrollment Assistance:

    • Navigating insurance and enrollment can be overwhelming. Our team assists clients in understanding their coverage, submitting claims, and accessing financial resources.

  3. Documentation Training for Professionals:

    • Mental health professionals need robust documentation skills. We offer training sessions on mastering the art of notetaking, streamlining the process, and the reality of an insurance audits!

Here at Supportive Solutions, we are committed to overall well-being, ensuring that both clients and professionals receive the support they need. If there is a topic that you are interested in and you are unsure if we offer it, we would be happy to chat further. ​

Let’s Work Together!

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